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Attention Citibank Cardholders: Please Read

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Attention Citibank Cardholders: Please Read

Mysterious SAWA Charges Appear on American Credit Cards
A comment appeared recently on a consumer-products-review website from a credit card holder in the US state of Virginia who claims that Citibank recently called him about a suspicious transaction earlier this month: Two $80 purchases for Saudi Telecom SAWA prepaid calling cards.
“There’s seems to be no correlation between vendors victims used their cards with, perhaps pointing to a breach at the credit card company level,” said a post on the popular US website [Consumerist].
I was suspicious at first, and I'm not yet entirely sold, but I googled SAWA fraud and there's a fair bit of chatter on forums across the Net.
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Re: Attention Citibank Cardholders: Please Read

Looks like an inside job. 
Just think, people in other countries have access to more than a single card account.  They have ALL of our credit information, SSN, employment history and god only knows what else, thanks to the outsourcing by CRA's.  I've known enough people who've been victims of identity theft to know that the burden of proof is ultimately on the consumer.  How in the world would you be able to prove that someone in Timbuktu stole your identity?  It's hard enough proving it when they're here in the US.  It's really messed up that people all over the world can know more about us than we know about ourselves and potentially use that information for their own personal benefit if they're shady.  I have a real problem with that.
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