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Budget may put an end to PSLF

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Budget may put an end to PSLF

The budget submitted makes some pretty wide-reaching changes to student loans. One is the end of the PSLF program for new borrowers. As well as the end of subsidized payments while in forbearance. I doubt this will make it through the house, but something to keep an eye on if it affects you.



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Re: Budget may put an end to PSLF

Just a friendly reminder that it's fine to discuss the possible changes to student loans, but we are not allowed to discuss politics on myFICO so any and all conversation must steer clear of that.




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Re: Budget may put an end to PSLF

Thanks OP for sharing this article.

My #1 concern about student debt is how it affects their ability to “live the American dream of home ownership” if you’re strapped with this crippling debt for years and years to come. So personally, for this reason, I hope the student forgiveness program does not end.

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