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CA's wants to call us 6 times a day!

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CA's wants to call us 6 times a day!

In response to the CFPB's proposed new rules to provide consumers with more teeth to fight back dirty practices by collection agencies, The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (aka ACA International), which represents over 5,000 collection agencies, filed comments to push back the new rules proposed by the consumer friendly government agency.  Among ACA's comments are that they want to contact consumers six times a day.



"ACA supports a standard to limit the number of collections call attempts to no more than six times per day per unique debt, including one permissible voicemail message (the language of which is afforded a safe harbor from regulatory enforcement and private civil litigation)."


Link to ACA's comments:


Link to CFPB's proposed new rules(regulationroom and/or at


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