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CFBP down on the big 3 CRAs

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CFBP down on the big 3 CRAs

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Re: CFBP down on the big 3 CRAs

Wow... that is a HUGE increase in their ineptitude. Surprising to me. I suspected EQ was useless but it seems the others are only marginally better.

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Re: CFBP down on the big 3 CRAs

Well this indeed is an eye-opener! Thanks so much @NoMoreE46 for sharing this!

I wonder what, if any, consequences the Big 3 will have to face, especially since CFPB didn't allude to any actions it will take. 

Well this article taught me one thing. I'll submit my own complaints--no 3rd party since they ignore those, even though they're required to look into them. Just SMDH.


I have had only 2 complaints with EQ over the life of my credit history; and knock-on-wood, both were resolved within 30-60 days, although one I had to go through CFPB to get resolved. 

This was a well-worthy read. 

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Re: CFBP down on the big 3 CRAs

Thank goodness for the CFPB.

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Re: CFBP down on the big 3 CRAs

Not a popular opinion but there's blame to go around here (though not to consumers so yeah CFPB good!)


I do suspect the third parties have made it worse.  Part of their "service" is they F'n spam BS even on legitimate things, and this isn't typical consumer behavior.


Do the bureaus need to be better absolutely, but I suspect we need to regulate or just outlaw the 3rd parties too as some of them are flatly abusive.  Really best of both worlds from my mind would be make the process easy and reasonable, and disallow third parties altogether with the exception of people with power of attorney I guess we'd have to allow those.  Get more people engaged with their credit would be a win frankly... more light on the process the better it will have to be for everyone.


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