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Chase Credit journey

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Re: Chase Credit journey

Revelate wrote:

erick_mac1003 wrote:

Weird on why they use TU. Chase have been hitting my EX for HP.


This is so like similar to what CapOne offers Credit Wise.


Its MEH.. FAKO..


I'm guessing TU gives it away for darned near free.  


The only rationale I can see for Vantage is that they're offering it to everyone including non-customers... but Discover somehow is already doing this with a legit EX FICO 8; why not copy that?  Or maybe in their product development cycle it was too late to switch gears, though I don't think anyone in the market was clamoring for this.


I do sort of agree with the cynical viewpoint that this was for lead generation.

I think your right about Lead Generation. Its smart because they gain more information and get around the "opt-out." Access to more information could be a plus for consumers becasue any offers would be more solid.

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Re: Chase Credit journey

I just signed up for Credit journey and I can see on my credit overview, an outstanding balance of $27 and a late payment.

How do I find out which is that payment and complete the same?

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Re: Chase Credit journey

Sign up for credit karma and you will be able to see your credit report.
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Re: Chase Credit journey

There are so many fake score for free nowadays. Why would they offer this? They should roll out the real FICO score from the Slate card.

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Re: Chase Credit journey

VS 3.0 scores are not "fake" they just aren't FICO scores. I agree it's annoying to see VS 3.0 everywhere since those scores are essentially irrelevant, but they aren't "fake."
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