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Citibank has exercised it's "early termination" clause with the Macy's portfolio

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Re: Citibank has exercised it's "early termination" clause with the Macy's portfolio: UPDA

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Has Citi done this at all with Sears?


If they're not happy with falling sales at Macy's, they certainly can't be happy with Sears then you would think...? Sears is in much, much, much more dire straits then Macy's has ever been.

The Sears portfolio is handled by Citi Retail, not DSNB. Each Citi entity has different contractual agreements with their respective partnerships. FWIW, even though all Sears brick and mortar stores have closed, there's still an online presence + the Sears credit cards are still alive and kicking (for now at least).

Last I saw as of a couple of weeks ago there were still about 20 non-Hometown-branded Sears brick and mortar stores still least for now.   One of them is located roughly 15 miles south of Boston. 


But yeah Citi has become even more aggressive in the last several months with targeted promotions tied to their Sears Mastercards.  If they've been doing anything even remotely similar with the Macy's cards I certainly haven't been targeted. 

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