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Companies using Software That Enabled Equifax Hack

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Companies using Software That Enabled Equifax Hack

Most of the Fortune 100 still use flawed software that led to the Equifax breach


"In the last six months of 2018, two-thirds of the Fortune 100 companies downloaded a vulnerable version of Apache Struts, the same vulnerable server software that was used by hackers to steal the personal data on close to 150 million consumers, according to data shared by Sonatype, an open-source automation firm."


27 FICO Scores + 3 VS3. MTG (Mortgage), AUT (Auto), and BKC (Bankcard) are scores 5,4, and 2 from the top.

Switching to AZEO this month to compare with my scores from exactly 1 year ago. That's when I started my revolving credit history with 2 cards. These scores are final from my January 10 myFICO 3B report.


I just got a $2,500 SP CLI on the Visa card. Reporting utilization for this month is based off the $9,000 CL, so I'm keeping that in the signature for now. New Visa CL is now $11,500. Total credit limit: $13,500, which is up from an $8,500 starting limit 1 year ago.

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