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Consumer Reports-Petition for FREE CREDIT SCORES!

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Consumer Reports-Petition for FREE CREDIT SCORES!

As a Consumer Reports on-line subscriber, I periodically receive emails from them about certain causes.  The following email came recently and felt I should share the information with others (this has been approved by moderators)


Dear Thom,

A three-digit number can determine whether you can buy a house, get a credit card or what you pay for car insurance. Yet most of us don't know our own credit scores – and it's time to change that!

Consumers got the right to free credit reports nearly a decade ago, but you typically have to pay for your credit score. Your credit scores are just as important to determining your financial future, and they should be free and reliable as well.

Tell your lawmakers to require credit reporting companies to give you a reliable credit score FREE a....


(Edit: The underlined link above is to which is a Consumers Union policy and action site)

Almost every adult has a credit score, created by the credit reporting agencies from formulas they keep secret. A low score could mean you can't get a car loan, credit card or a mortgage. Or, those loans may cost you a lot more.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau estimates consumers spent about $250 million in recent years to buy their credit scores and reports. And the "score" you purchase might not even be the same number the credit bureau gives the bank.

Under law each credit reporting agency must give you a free credit report if you ask. They have your credit scores, too.

Lawmakers gave us access to our credit reports. It's time to add FREE credit scores, and make them t....


(Edit: The underlined link above is to which is a Consumers Union policy and action site )

This idea has been percolating in Washington, but lawmakers need to hear that their constituents want this and will benefit from it. Your Senator or Representative could be the one that makes this happen.

If you know anyone else who would like to get a free credit score with their credit report, just forward this message and let them join you in action.


Jim Guest
President, Consumer Reports
101 Truman Ave
Yonkers, NY 10703

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