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Credit Unions a Haven in Mortgage Storm

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Credit Unions a Haven in Mortgage Storm

For those pondering a new mortgage, a home-equity loan, a car loan or some other form of borrowing at an uncertain time like this, federal credit unions may offer a credible alternative.
the banking industry is targeting the tax-free status of large credit unions, claiming they are operating like banks while they enjoy an unfair competitive advantage.

More than a few reasons to move one's money and loans into a CU.

Odd how the banks like to claim "free market" when they do predatory lending, then cry "unfair advantage" when it cuts into THEIR profits.
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Re: Credit Unions a Haven in Mortgage Storm

I wouldn't bank anywhere else other that a CU. I have experienced both and my CU is much better than any other regular bank I've had.
EX. 780 TU 794.
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