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Did YOUR tax lein stop reporting?


Re: Did YOUR tax lein stop reporting?

credit_is_crack wrote:

Data points for those going the CFPB or BBB right now. 


7/23 - EX deleted my open federal lien when i called over the phone and gave the NCAP rules (+51 pts went from FICO8 705 to 756)


07/21 - EQ deleted lien automatcially

07/23 - EQ reinserted the lien to report?!

7/29 - EQ, submitted complaint thru CFPB with copy of the filing (has XXX-XX-1111 for SSN and no DOB)

8/10 - EQ response saying in short "we're still working on your issue. we'll mail your results in the next 30 days" so the saga continues thru 9/10


07/28 - TU, submitted dispute over the phone using NCAP

08/03 - TU response came back "Verified and Updated"

08/04 - TU, submitted dispute thru BBB citing NCAP (I read in another thread TU seems to be more responsive to BBB)

08/04 - Recieved notice that complaint was sent

08/11 - Recieved response from TU -- they DELETED it!! Apologized for any inconvenience (+63 pts went from FICO8 720 to 783)


So I'm 2 for 3! I read in another thread someone got the same CFPB response with EQ but then found it deleted. I updated mine today and it was still there so we'll see over the next few weeks. 


NCAP is a qualifying reason to dispute any liens if you only have a partial SSN and no DOB...Good Luck All! 

Interesting... Thanks for the data... 

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Re: Did YOUR tax lein stop reporting?

All Liens Gone Finally!  CFPB came through.  I recieved word today from Equifax that they deleted all three of my liens today.  All in all took about 2 weeks from when I first complained to CFPB to when Equifax deleted.  My liens did not have DOB or complete SS # (missing last 4 numbers). This is after numerous disputes to Equifax only to have them verify and confirm the liens.  So in a nutshell EX deleted on their own about 6 months ago and TU and EQ deleted via CFPB process in the last two weeks.   Good Luck Guys. 

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Re: Did YOUR tax lein stop reporting?

Congrats on the success - thats awesome!!!!!

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Re: Did YOUR tax lein stop reporting?

First let me say congrats!!!! But I do have a question. I filed a claim on all 3 bureaus last Friday. I attached my federal release. But I keep seeing people mentioning lack of SS# and DOB for the reason of their file for release-I'm not following what that's for? Can you help explain?
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Re: Did YOUR tax lein stop reporting?

Sofball1, Earlier this year, the three bureaus struck a deal with the CFPB to remove tax liens from credit reports (whether they were legit or not) if they didn't have certain reporting data points like DOB or full SS numbers.   Since the majority of tax liens ( for identiy theft prevention) don't show the full SS numbers these liens were eligible for deletion (again whether they were legit or not).   Of course the 3 bureaus were slow to remove the liens (even with numerous disputes) so in my case in took the involvement of CFPB to get them off my credit reports.  Hope that helps. 

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Re: Did YOUR tax lein stop reporting?

Thank you hellomoto- so if it was actually released there should be no question if it comes off right???
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Re: Did YOUR tax lein stop reporting?

This is great information and thank you for being so thorough! I just submitted a complaint with CFPB and will see where I get with that.


EX has already removed (I had to dispute twice over the phone). On Friday when checking CCT "0" PR! No more lien!


EQ dropped only partial information from the lien prior to me disputing it. Still shows just the reference number and $ amount, but not other information. Just called a PR, no lien holder, where filed etc. Disputed for a 2nd time with them directly and now with CFPB.


TU disputed 3 times now once online and twice on phone. All they have done is update it to show "paid". On third dispute I faxed a copy of the lien to show it does not have the required SS # or D.O.B and still remains for 10 years! I talked to a supervisor and he was so scripted and the only thing he would do is dispute again. Well, we can see where that is getting me!


Should I still go to BBB and NCAP or first see if I get resolution with CFPB?


Thank you again!


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Re: Did YOUR tax lein stop reporting?

Here's a timeline for removal of an open federal tax lien on Equifax:


After disputing on Equifax website to no avail, I filed a complaint through the CFPB citing the NCAP and it's rules for lien reporting on 07/24. 


On 08/07, which is 15 days from the original dispute, Equifax responded with the following:



*Equifax reviewed the complaint, its records and initiated a reinvestigation.*Equifax did not receive any additional communications from the consumer during the review of the complaint.*Equifax will mail the results of the reinvestigation within 30 days.


For grins, I checked my Equifax report and found the lien gone. It had been removed either on the 6th or 7th as I had checked on the 5th and it was still reporting. So even though they said it was still pending, the lien had been removed. For the record, even though they state they did not receive any additional information from me, they never requested any additional information so I really have no idea what that is supposed to mean other than it's probably just a generic response to make sure they meet the CFPB's rules for answering a complaint. Really cheesy


Today, 08/14, I got an email from the CFPB saying the "company had responded to your complaint" so I logged into my account and read this:


Company's Response

Equifax has reviewed your complaint and its records regarding your dispute. Please be advised there is currently no Tax Liens reporting on your Equifax credit file. Written confirmation has been mailed to you. Please allow 7/10 business days for delivery. If you should have any additional questions or concerns in regards to your Equifax Credit Report, please visit us at to learn more.


I just find it typical Equifax style to drag their feet until they have to provide a last minute response and then respond in a fashion that contradicts what actually was happening or needing to happen. Their response received today reads like "Lien??? What lien? We don't see no stinking lien...."  like they never even had it there in the first place.





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Re: Did YOUR tax lein stop reporting?

Softball1.  Having a lien release doesn't mean it shouildnt be on your credit reports.  Paid tax liens can stay on your report up to 7 years from the date of payment. One of the liens I got off was a released lien from 2013.   If the "released" liens you have don't have full SS or DOB they would be eligible for removal from your credit report.   Good Luck.

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Re: Did YOUR tax lein stop reporting?

I called Transunion to dispute my Paid Fed tax lien. SSN is imcomplete and no DOB. The TU rep first told me that if my lien should have been removed based on the standards it would have been removed in July. He added that since it was still there that meant it met the new standards. Nice try buddy, I'm looking a copy of the document filed at the courthouse. Plus I know that my TU report says the last time the lien was verified was 3/29/2016 which is also a violation of the new standards.


So I say I want to initiate a dispute. And he says his system will not allow initiation of a dispute on the basis of it not meeting the new standards. I asked him to repeat what he said just to make sure I heard it clearly. He repeated it verbatim and then offered to dispute the lien on the basis that it is too old. I declined because I knew that was not a proper dispute. It is not too old. 


So off to the CFPB I went to file a complaint because (1) it doesn't meet the new standards and (2) they refused to initiate a dispute. 


Still waiting on Experian to respond to my dispute and may call EQ tomorrow. At least TU shut me down quickly so I felt like it was appropriate to go directly to the CFPB. Feel like I need to give EX the full 30 days to respond.

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