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Equifax CIO sentenced to prison for insider trading from 2017 data breach

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Re: Equifax CIO sentenced to prison for insider trading from 2017 data breach

@Dinosaur wrote:

Revelate  hmm ... " ... I'm just a leaf object in a field..." and the leaf field is all four leaf clovers! Don't kid us ... your like a cat with nine lives Smiley Happy You have accomplished a lot and then a little more!!!

Meh, I've made already rich people a lot of money and I've made myself a little nest egg, but that's more due to luck as well vis a vis my stock portfolio has increased 40% YTD so far, which is absurdly lucky, certainly not based on any skill on my part.


Someday I will do something different with my life, realized yesterday this is not the life that I want and I've been settling for "it's fine" for too long, need to fix that.


Short term going to grind out a document I have badly procrastinated on, not that anyone other than the project manager really cares, over this weekend, and then get on with the rest of my life... new pair of running shoes and an updated heart rate monitor coming this weekend, time to get my exercise on and time to start educating myself again, and then go from there.


On the flipside another month of paid bench time fell out of the sky while my second gig languishes not being assigned to a project, like seriously completely screwing up this year and everything financial is coming up aces... this economy is just goofy silly for me anyway when I have a company willing to pay me my full market rate for what amounts to a retainer fee, oh that's funny that's more than enough time to finish maxing my 401k too haha, jeez, just utterly ridiculous.


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Re: Equifax CIO sentenced to prison for insider trading from 2017 data breach

4 MONTHS!!!!

**bleep**, that’s not even a slap on the hand—more like a tap. Sheesh, I’ll do insider trading if that’s all the time I’ll get. Unbelievable!

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