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Equifax had to pay big time!

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Equifax had to pay big time!



Woman was awarded 18.6 million in federal court against Equifax for failing to correct errors on her report.  Maybe that will get them motivated to taking complaints seriously.

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Re: Equifax had to pay big time!

I hope she gets every red cent! I know its not the employees fault but every time I have to call them to correct my condo number- i could just scream! I finally complained to CFPB because I was tired of being told it was a creditor that was updating (only to them) it incorrectly. Smiley Mad

Needless to say, since I filed my complaint my address has been correct. Fingers crossed!
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Hopefully this will catch the attention of TU and EX. I know the employees try their best and do as must as the system allows, but this just shows that the consumer can beat a giant corporation. 

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Re: RE:

I suspect for Equifax its just the cost of doing business as they use e-Oscar as an automated process more than anyone and historically have been awful in fixing errors - to the point that they should be sued constantly. Personally I've locked (credit freeze) my Equifax file with no need to lock the other two. If nothing else, I hope this survives the appeals and sets a legal standard to allow for a flood of suits against Equifax.


Obviously not a fan of Equifax...    

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Re: Equifax had to pay big time!

Must be nice!!!! My attorney went on vaca for a whole month!!!! Won't be back till the middle of Aug! Smiley Mad

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Re: Equifax had to pay big time!

Wow Smiley Surprised


I've been lucky, the only time I've had errors where with TU and they actually fixed it without any trouble on my part. In no way am I applauding theme, but hey.

They had some other guy (same first and last name) confused with me; I remember pulling my report with them and it showed collections and a car repossessed, lol.


Anybody ever watch the 60-minutes episode?

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Re: Equifax had to pay big time!

I was so excited to see this... Fico included, we need a remodel of credit and scoring!

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Re: Equifax had to pay big time!

Good! Equifax is a pain. I fought with them for 4 months over an error and despite sending proof multiples times they didn't fix. I ended up doing a BBB complaint and only then did they do the correction. 

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Re: Equifax had to pay big time!

Good for her.  Obviously EQ is going to appeal, but I suspect more suits would follow anyhow.


I've seen a lot of posts lately (too lazy to link to them, but just use the search function and you will see) where EQ was asking the wrong verification questions on annualcreditreport.


This same thing happened to my cousin not too long ago.  I told her to just request it directly from EQ.  Well, lo and behold, EQ had no problem verifying her once she coughed up her CC info to PAY for here FREE credit report.


I suspect that this will be the next law suit EQ will be involved in.  And most likely it will be a Class Action Suit.  Seems the evidence is very clear that EQ is forcing people to have to PAY them for their free credit report because they can't "verify" them on annualcreditreport.

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