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Equifax small claims court results.

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Equifax small claims court results.

Yahoo news on Equifax small claims lawsuits


I'm sitting here with my head spinning, wondering where this may eventually end, and possibly what other doors an online service like 'Do Not Pay' may open in terms of recourse for grievences towards large Corporations. Very interesting times we live in indeed.



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Re: Equifax small claims court results.

I wonder if by now any of those successful have actually received payment from equifax, or if the appeals will drag on for years.

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Re: Equifax small claims court results.

No it says no one has been paid and Equifax is appealing. They have handled this whole thing like it’s no big deal which I find sad.
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Re: Equifax small claims court results.

Thanks for sharing this article.


I did some more googling and found this first-hand account of someone who took Equifax to small claims court in San Francisco and won an $8,000 judgment.


Considering how class-action suits usually end up, these individual cases may result in a much better deal for the plaintiffs.

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