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FHA Mortgage Delinquencies

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Re: FHA Mortgage Delinquencies

Just as a note, and I am not trying to say things aren't terribly bad in some areas but there is an important caveat about the MBA numbers: explicitly the number is not the deliquency rate as we would define it on this forum (30D+ late on the credit report) it is any payment that was not made in accordance to the original terms of the mortgage.


Which means that all mortgages that took advantage of the forbearance offers and did not make that monthly payment, count in the number even if the account is, at least for now, current.


I don't know what this looks like after the forbearance ends, it could go either way given that the apparently the white collar world has gotten most of their jobs back and I suspect that is the largest section of home ownership.


Unfortunarely as I have seen recently in flights out to California there are people that absolutely try to flout rules for their own advantage and I don't know what percentage of people those are other than to say even I am looking at the two mortgages I pay currently vs how my market portfolio is doing and it isn't lost on me I likely should have redirected my funds if just purely looking at it strictly for my own benefit and F everyone else.


Especially if you have to think there may well be a bailout on that front.  Blah.  Some people just suck and I really wonder how many people might be taking advantage of this, was some studies ( based on Google and a Quora answer quoting a Harvard study) that 5-15% of Americans are almost sociopaths, and that is a lot larger number than the .368 basis points or whatever it was.

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