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Fancy New ATM Machines Article

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Re: Fancy New ATM Machines Article

blondy250 wrote:


BearsAndTurtlesRtheBest wrote:

dont use atms??? How is that possible? Are you a CC user that pays in full when statement arrives?

umm real easy, you walk into the bank and deal with the bank teller. I abhore atm's and avoid them whenever possible which is 95% of the time.

I'm the exact opposite.  I started using ATMs 30 years ago and ever since I started Internet banking in 1995, I've rarely ever seen a human being at the counter.  ATMs are much more efficient and sometimes "friendlier"!

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Re: Fancy New ATM Machines Article

Interestingly enough, somewhat tangential, but I walked into a new Chase branch which just opened from me: no tellers.


Did have a full service feature but it was staffed with catch-all bankers (make a deposit and apply for a CC with one person), but nobody behind the counter.  Did have an odd moment walking in and looking for a deposit slip for a check I couldn't deposit via mobile app, definitely has a different feel to it.


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Re: Fancy New ATM Machines Article

After the most recent hacks... I am nervous about my information being available to an ATM.
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Re: Fancy New ATM Machines Article

I can't stand writing checks so sometimes I will go to the ATM for cash - for contractors, etc.  When I receive cash, I use the ATM even more frequently to deposit the money.  My main bank (Bank of America) will charge me if I don't (e-checking - online or ATM only). 

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Re: Fancy New ATM Machines Article

My main bank is Schwab and there are no physical locations within a hundred miles of me, but I can use any ATM, anywhere, any time for free so I do.


I also have BofA as a backup and to depost cash (on the rare occasions that I need to do so) but I have an ebanking account so I can't see a teller unless I want to pay a fee (which I don't).

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