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Fannie, Freddie to Consider Alternatives to FICO

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Fannie, Freddie to Consider Alternatives to FICO

"The move by the Federal Housing Finance Agency is seen as a win for VantageScore, a credit-score system by VantageScore Solutions LLC, which is owned by the three large credit-reporting firms: Equifax Inc., TransUnion, and Experian PLC."


(Wall Street Journal, might be pay-walled) Housing-finance regulator aims to shake-up credit scores for mortgages


(Federal Housing Finance Agency news) FHFA Publishes Final Rule on Credit Score Models

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Re: Fannie, Freddie to Consider Alternatives to FICO

Really, this will mess up the mortgage market even more. Vantage doesnt have the track record of Fico. Going to be interesting to see this one.
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Re: Fannie, Freddie to Consider Alternatives to FICO

Heck there's already enough info gathering companies out there, now they want another one? What's wrong with just keeping Fico?

Sounds like some lobbying BS just to make Vantage matter again. 

Another big payday for someone I'm sure.


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