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Former employee pleads guilty to misusing city credit card!

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Re: Former employee pleads guilty to misusing city credit card!

Bella007 wrote:

c00mtg wrote:

SteelerNYC wrote:

Two scenarios were happening:


1) Charges were from vendors that the company uses, but the purchases were for her personally. (i.e. restaurant, airline, hotel)

2) Sometimes the merchant name that comes through on a credit card statement doesn't quite match the vendor name that you know them by. I think she was testing some of the places she spent company $$ with her personal card first and knew how they'd show up on a statement.


These two scenarios are accurate, but how could she get away with the below?


Authorities learned that Richards misused the city credit card to pay for personal expenses including payments to her cell phone, utility and car insurance bills. Im guessing these would fall under your scenario that she had these personal bills with the same vendor as the company?


She had also used the credit card to pay off cash advances taken out at multiple casinos. How could she get away with this one? I don't think the company woulvd have/use a casino vendor?

I could see where lots of businesses have vendor accounts with casinos since casinos provide so many different services these days, hotel, restaurant, etc. It's just the cash advance part that surprised me, unless it doesn't show as a cash advance on the statement. 

True, did not think about that.

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