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HSBC leaving US.

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Re: HSBC Exit US

my LOC is at 15.49% - so pretty useless


that said - i use LOC's as temp float accounts - rarely used throughout the year - but there if i need them (avoids a Cash Advance on a CC, which i absolutely refuse to use)


i am closing my Citizens LOC and checking account in the next month or so


i just got a USB LOC at 10.25% to replace it



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Re: HSBC US sells retail banking, loans, and credit cards to Citizens Bank (RI)


I also hung a lot of paper with them. I was in the business from 96-06 and even won a trip with them back when the banks begged for paper. I was the F and I Director for the largest dealership group in Delaware at the time. Granted I knew a bit about credit (reading and judging from reports) but until I came here I truly never realized how FICO truly worked. I've found a lot of positive info on here. I'm a Citizens account holder and have been for years and the transfer of HSBC went pretty smooth other than the wait times on the phone if you needed customer service.  

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