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Interesting card-specific site/blog?

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Interesting card-specific site/blog?

I stumbled upon this site when looking for any update in Citi kicking Macy's to the curb (no news since June as far as I can find.)


It's less than 2 years old, so I was wondering if there was any awareness of it on myFico.


It definitely collates some lesser-known card info (credit, debit, and whatever third category there may be), although it doesn't provide as in-depth reviews as I might like.


For example, I hadn't heard of Aven, which is a HELOC credit card, and may be exactly what the friend I have been helping with finances needs to get personal loans off her credit and onto her husband (he had a bankruptcy previous to their marriage, and she had taken out loans to pay off his debts early in their relationship... now that he's recovered enough, she wants them off her profile but the rates he gets offered are higher than what she already has... this cards highest rate is lower than her personal loan rate.)


So, bringing awareness of it here:

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