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Lending out your credit card

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Lending out your credit card

About half of people lend out their credit and debit cards and often the results aren't good

Americans credit card debt has just hit a disturbing record of $1.02 trillion according to the federal reserve. Overspending is bad enough when it is your own money. When it's a friend or family member spending your money, that's even worse. Thirty-six million U.S. adults have had a negative experience lending their credit cards out, according to a new survey sponsored by and conducted by YouGov.   The biggest problem? Overspending, according to 19% of the respondents. Other issues: not getting paid back (14%) and not getting the card back (10%). “If you give your card to someone else and they run up a balance, you're the one still responsible,” said Robert Farrington, a financial ...

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Re: Lending out your credit card

Yup...nothing to see here... Smiley Indifferent

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Re: Lending out your credit card

Never would I loan out a CC

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Re: Lending out your credit card

The only people I lend my card to are those who have just gotten out of jail.  

By the way, my credit score has dropped but I haven't changed the way I use my cards (the ones I haven't lent out).  

Why is this?

Yes, just one card - by design.
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