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Millennials and credit card spend

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Millennials and credit card spend

Looks like Millennials as a whole are leaving a lot of rewards out there:


And, since my yearly CC spend is well North of $4,700.00 I am finally above average in something! My mother would be so proud.

Over $200,000 in credit across 12 cards.

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Re: Millennials and credit card spend

Wow average is only $4700 a year. It's only May and I have already surpassed that by a good bit, and I don't even have high income.
I wonder what the average is here on the forum.
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Re: Millennials and credit card spend

Willing to bet the average on here is higher than that. Maybe pushing 10k? I think it might not be higher being that there are a lot of people managing their utilization well....although that could be with very high credit lines who knows

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Re: Millennials and credit card spend

Monthly spend vs monthly aggregate balance posted are likely radically different for many on MyFICO.  


From a yearly spend perspective I'd guess $10k to $15k on average for those that frequent this forum and above $20k average on the credit card forum. There are some high rollers that hang over there.Smiley Wink

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