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Once you hit this score...

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Once you hit this score...


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Re: Once you hit this score...

What a great read!


Yes and no, once you get to 760 you can get the best rates, however, if you go on an app spree then you need some padding to keep from going below 760!  YMMV of course Smiley Happy

Your FICO credit scores are not just numbers, it’s a skill.

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Re: Once you hit this score...

Some scoring things in there that are incorrect, equity line payoffs for example no.


That said, the gist is absolutely correct: nothing to our knowledge (maybe some awkward credit cards or personal loans but I doubt it) underwrites at higher than a 760 FICO score.


Though score padding does indeed help as I can attest to not that I've applied for anything recently but I'm close to qualifying for the top tier mortgage rate even with a recent deliquency... padding is good!

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Re: Once you hit this score...

If your job requires you to maintain good credit, having a 800+ credit score goes along way in making them them want to keep you and possibly even hoiw much you get paid.  It's not just about getting credit.  



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