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Oregon woman loses her $1 million jackpot

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Oregon woman loses her $1 million jackpot

By The Associated Press

MEDFORD, Ore. — A judge ruled that a woman who used a stolen credit card to buy a winning scratch-it ticket has no right to the $1 million prize.

Jackson County Judge Ray White ruled Thursday that the winnings were the proceeds of illegal activity and must be forfeited under Oregon law.

Prosecutors say Christina Goodenow of White City used a credit card that belonged to her then-boyfriend's dead mother to buy the lucky lottery ticket at a market in Central Point in October 2005.

Goodenow asked lottery officials to keep her win quiet, claiming to be a victim of domestic violence. But police learned of the crime about two weeks later as Goodenow continued to use the stolen credit card.

The Oregon Lottery had already paid Goodenow $33,500, the first of 20 annual payouts. She spent the majority of the money, including a big chunk that went to pay off nearly $12,000 owed on the credit card.

Goodenow, who pleaded no contest to forgery, cheating and aggravated theft, maintains she bought the winning ticket with cash from her own pocket. Goodenow said she plans to appeal.

Besides stripping Goodenow of her winnings, the judge sentenced Goodenow to a month in jail. But White gave her credit for the six months she served earlier this year for possessing methamphetamine.

Goodenow must spend two years on probation.
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Re: Oregon woman loses her $1 million jackpot

HAHA! I guess the MN law that states only cash can be used for lottery purchases is a good one!
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Re: Oregon woman loses her $1 million jackpot

instead of being an AU, she is kinda like a UU (unauthorized user)    
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