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Retailers going down in flames? F21, Gap, Sears, JCP etc

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Re: Retailers going down in flames? F21, Gap, Sears, JCP etc

I believe F21 should be okay. As well as Gap. Sears made a mistake as did JC Penney in regards to not placing enough of their earnings into actual real estate assets.
While Sears is far better off than JC Penney in regards to real estate, they both tried to stay in mall contracts that no longer work. Sears mistake was their profitable area in the car care, was in bad locations, at a mall.
It's not that people don't like malls, they just don't like the open space of malls. They don't like the high ceilings of malls, which ultimately is reflected in the long term of contracts for businesse leases.
It controls the over all cost of square footage, which is priced way out of consumer index pricing for goods and services within those retail spaces.
Another specific mistake that JC Penney did, was they hired a spokesperson, in which they identified as being the average mother.
I know one has to be careful when bringing this specific up, in reality I don't care about a person's sex, orientation etc.
However no business should specifically attempt to market themselves within class, male, female, gender, orientation.
I fear that Target is becoming too political as well, even having a link at the bottom of their page, that specifically is addressed to an individual class, while disenfranchising all other classes.
I don't believe I broke the FICO forum rules in pointing this out, because it's based specifically on known facts.
Therefor my opinion is valid from a perspective view of a card holder of JC Penney, and Target.

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