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The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1

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Re: The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1

It sounds like they're trying to differentiate themselves with the "own to activate" nature of rewards, but setting the bar of "owning" at $0.01 worth of a company's stock is such a pathetically low bar they might as well have just been another "click to activate" reward card. It also seems that stock has to be owned within the M1 account one has -- no linking to Fidelity or another brokerage to confirm ownership.


Not sure I can quite figure out which market they're targeting with this, either.

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Re: The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1

I can understand, M1 being a broker, requiring the holdings within their accounts.. the trivial amount of ownership I didn't read much into -- was actually happy about it since my primary use is to park cash for the 1% APY and hold some index ETF.


Maybe the card is mainly to promote the "PLUS" subscription.


Ironically, I may end that $125/yr benefit suite since Celtic Bank seems to be a lemon.

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Re: The Owner’s Rewards Card by M1

@DONZI wrote:

Smiley Sad


I just got notice from M1 that the card waiting list is going to go live soon so I figured I'd fish around for some DP on Celtic Bank..


Turned up some subprime cards like Surge, Reflex, Indigo and Affirm loans.


Sadly I expect the likes of Celtic Bank / Continental Finance and powered by Deserve would be more hassle and regret than I'm looking for and don't want to taint my credit with a relationship with this issuer / card.


Here's a few links within the forum(s):

The "Which Banks Pull Which Report For Apps" list

Continental finance reflex mastercard removal of late payments

Deserve Pro Mastercard is the WORST card out there

Newly Released Wine Enthusiasts Card...


FWIW, once they deliver formal application, terms and such I'll drop that info in here.

I received the go-ahead on applying for this card the other day -- didn't look very far into it, but here are links to the relevant legal docs as of Oct. 14, 2021 FWIW:

Cardholder Agreement

Reward Terms

With any luck, maybe future DP on this card will surface and make it more palatable.

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