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Time/Money List of Best CC's

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Re: Time/Money List of Best CC's

woo glad I have the BoA travel premium in my wallet.

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Re: Time/Money List of Best CC's

@galahad15 wrote:

Interesting, b/c there are cards out there that have a better borrowing APR than the one listed in the article as the winner (i.e., LMCU at 6.5% V).  Two that come to mind for me atm are the BEFCU VISA as low as 4.99% F and the Unify Variable-Rate VISA as low as 5.24% V.

If they could even find them, not sure on full eligibility on any of the three either even if I'm a member of Unify haha.  Mind just no longer tracking CU eligibility like I used to.


Anyway I may try to pick up a CU low rate card if I don't wind up moving in a year, or maybe even if I do after the close heh.


Though based on their reader demographics (likely dr's offices being the primary subscriber pool) it's not like the BOFA travel card is suck, for limited travel it's probably one of the better cards... it's just not very good if you travel more than incredibly infrequently.


Edit to add: oh, it's six months out of date or more already.  Sept. 19, 2016 was the publication date, that's not relevant with how things changed in the travel rewards market during that time.

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