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Twins named health and wealth

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Twins named health and wealth

In their recently published book on health and wealth entitled Age-Proof, financial expert Jean Chatzky and doctor Michael F. Roiken include topics such as cost considerations (pp94-95) and justification for having health insurance (pp258-259) and reducing risk of Alzheimer’s (pp225-228).


I see no direct mention of that a decline in cognitive ability leads to fear of upfront costs, although a study has shown so. In other words, those who need health insurance the most are the ones most resistant to getting it! Their limited perception, intuition and reasoning don’t allow them.

The benefits of upfront costs of course are all around us. An annual Costco membership can pay for itself by way of savings in less than a month. Having a little money put aside can pay for a small problem before it gets out of hand. Good credit gives lower interest rates on loans.

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