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Washington Also Is A Credit Freeze State

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Washington Also Is A Credit Freeze State

The state Legislature recently approved a change to Washington’s credit security freeze law. Beginning Sept. 1, 2008, any Washington resident can request a freeze. As it now stands, you have the right to put a security freeze now on your credit file if you are a victim of identity theft or your personal information has been acquired in a computerized data security breach. Other individuals are not eligible for a freeze under current law until Sept. 1, 2008.
Beginning September 1, 2008,  identity theft victims and seniors ages 65 and older will be able to place a freeze for free. Victims will need to provide a police report with their request. Other consumers would pay to up to $10 to each bureau for placement of a freeze, a “thaw” (temporary lift) or removal. Consumers who aren’t entitled to a free freeze would therefore pay a total of $30 to freeze their reports with the three major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. All consumers, including victims, may be charged a fee of up to $10 to each bureau for a “thaw”, temporary lift or removal of the freeze.
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Re: Washington Also Is A Credit Freeze State

Credit freezes just became available in Texas:
Bartender, bring another round of FICOtinis please!

9.4.2011: TU 805. EQ 815.
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