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Wells Fargo Payback

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Re: Wells Fargo Payback


Not meant to be plolitical.  Just hope the executives finally get what they have comming.

1/25/2021: FICO 850 EQ 848 TU 847 EX
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Re: Wells Fargo Payback

I opened an account with them a few years ago and come to find out they do not run a check system check to see if you owe any other banks. I didn't know this and I just tried to open an account at a local credit union and was told I had a couple accounts in the checkx system and had to take care of them first. I really wish wells fargo would have told me that a few years ago when I opened the account. I would have taken care of the accounts back then. I would say that they allow people to open these accounts knowing about the checkx system accounts but know they can get your business by agnoring this. They have been nickle and diming me to death ever since I opened the account with bogas overdraft charges and fees that are otragous compaired to other banks or financial instatutions. I think another class ac tion lawsuit should be brought up against these thieves. They should be shut down and never be allowed to do business in this country ever again.

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