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Wells Fargo hurting

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Re: Wells Fargo hurting

Years ago they gave me a 30 day late for being late one day.  IMHO karma.

06/13/2018: FICO 821 EQ 814 TU 808 EX
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Re: Wells Fargo hurting

Several years ago I bought a mattress from a local shop that used them for in-store financing.  The deal was 90-days same as cash, but you had to make monthly payments on each statement.  The sales staff had mis-entered my address on the credit application, but not the sales order, so I got the mattress, but never got a statement.  Went in just before the 90 days to pay them off and - you guessed it - found they had already reported me at 90 days late and charged me interest from day 1.  When I complained they pulled up the original invoice, found the issue with my address and admitted it was their mistake.  I was able to get them to remove the interest and accept the balance in full payment, but the lates?  They never did remove them - which is why I haven't done business with them since 2003 and won't now, except to take their new account deposit incentive and wave at them in the rear-view.

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