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Who takes the longest to pay off their credit card debt?

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Who takes the longest to pay off their credit card debt?


Credit card debt affects many households, but the size of the burden varies depending on where you live. analyzed 2017 Experian credit report data to measure the burden of credit card debt in 25 large U.S. metros. In San Antonio, it takes residents 22 months to pay off an average credit card balance, the most of any city. The typical San Antonio resident uses 15 percent of their income to pay off their balance.

Here are the additional nine metro areas whose residents take the longest to pay off credit card debt:

 Miami-Fort Lauderdale - 21 months

3. Houston - 20 months

3. Los Angeles - 20 months

5. Dallas- Fort Worth - 19 months

5. Atlanta - 19 months

5. San Diego - 19 months

5. Orlando-Daytona Beach - 19 months

5. Riverside-San Bernardino - 19 months

10. Phoenix - 19 months.

Residents in San Francisco-Oakland pay off their debt in 13 months, the lowest of any city. Minneapolis is close behind at 14 months. found that card balances in 2017 are up 3 percent from the year before. Serious delinquencies, or payments that are 90 days late, appeared on 36 percent of credit reports in 2017 compared to 32 percent the previous year. The "utilization rate," or the amount of the available balance that's in use, rose one percent to 30 percent last year.

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Re: Who takes the longest to pay off their credit card debt?

So a third of cardholders have at least one 90 day late?  I guess that leads to the low average FICO scores on adverts, below 700. 

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Re: Who takes the longest to pay off their credit card debt?

Not surprised to see two Texas cities near the top.   People in Dallas and Houston overspend like nobody's business.....many people there are so preoccupied with appearing wealthy.  Their credit scores are among the lowest as well given how maxed out they are.

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