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X1 acquired by Robinhood?

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X1 acquired by Robinhood?

I have an X1 card and I don't believe I received any communication to the fact that Robinhood has acquired (July 2023) X1.

Press release:

Searching this board, I didn't see any topics on it either so I figured I'd open one up.

I'm curious how Robinhood will treat the card and customers.

Perhaps it could explain the many posts we've seen on this board regarding CLD from X1 during this deal closing process?

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Re: X1 acquired by Robinhood?

There's been talk in the X1 threads on here, but none that I've seen specifically talking about the acquisition. I think a lot is unclear about what will happen, but it is interesting to see and brings Robinhood that much closer to real brokerage recognition.

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Re: X1 acquired by Robinhood?

Topics such as this are relegated to the "Credit in the News" forum by the moderators versus in "Credit Cards" per-se.   This was discussed back in June when the acquisition was first announced and a few members have alluded to it in other X-1 threads since then.  See the thread below.  


FinTech X1 Acquired by Robinhood for $95 Million

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AoOA > 30 years (Jun 1993); AoYA (Jul 2023)
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