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... and the winner is!

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... and the winner is!

Thought you'd guys enjoy taking a peak at the JD Power U.S. Credit Card Satisfaction Study (2017)


Discover has gotten the honors in 2015 and 2016, and they both tied in 2014, but AMEX is back at it again this year. You'll never guess who is in last (two) places though Smiley Wink


Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 7.06.55 PM.png


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Re: ... and the winner is!

Comenity doesnt even make the list.

Personally, Ive never had an issue with Sychrony CS


Thanks OP

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Re: ... and the winner is!

@Meanmchine wrote:

Personally, Ive never had an issue with Sychrony CShanks OP

Nor I.  The company the parent company (GE I think) also had a bad rep if you crossed them that is.


GE  was really helpful to me back in my credit dark days.



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Re: ... and the winner is!

I am amazed to see Barclaycard so high up on the list. I myself have had no problems with them and they were the first to approve me when coming out of my credit slump. Looking around the forums I have read a lot of complaints about decreases in credit and bad customer service. It is a bit more reassuring as a cardholder to see the satisfaction rating so high, settles my nerves after reading so much negative feedback. 

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Re: ... and the winner is!

Nice read thanks OP.


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Re: ... and the winner is!

JD Powers charges winners a lot of money to show off their logo.

Not a fan of their ratings.
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