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"Visa, Mastercard mull increasing fees for processing transactions: WSJ"

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Re: "Visa, Mastercard mull increasing fees for processing transactions: WSJ"

I do remeber that several years ago I started seeing signs all over that stated "charge same as cash". Though at the time I didn't really understand it because I didn't know about the swipe fees. I thought that they only made Money on interest charges. I don't see those much anymore, now days I see more signs that states they add whatver % to the charge to cover the fee. 


Heck I thought it audacious that Dominos started charging $2 delivery fee, yet it's not a "tip" for the driver. lol

A normal Pizza place, or even Subway charging for delivery I could understand. But a place who's whole concept is "delivery"?

I never truly knew just how prevalent fees were until a few years ago. While I personally don't like paying them, I do understand the need for them to keep Companies going. I would just like more control on which one's I presumably have to pay. 


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