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1099-C / IRS / Portfolio Recovery

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Re: 1099-C / IRS / Portfolio Recovery

Has Portfolio stopped hounding you?

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Re: 1099-C / IRS / Portfolio Recovery

Itsmeagain....I changed my telephone number.... never received anything in the mail....


Today I received the  letter from the IRS stating that they had closed my case.




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Re: 1099-C / IRS / Portfolio Recovery

Congrats on how you handle them. 
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Re: 1099-C / IRS / Portfolio Recovery

I received email from the IRS on this and.......Only a financial institution CC or bank can issue a 1099-C!!


The OC must try to collect by almost any legal means up until your state SOL  Then they can issue a 1099-C. The 1099-C must be issued within 1 one year.

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Re: 1099-C / IRS / Portfolio Recovery

CamilleandBella.....I was wondering what IRS # do you call to dispute this situation?  Your local office?  I just recently received my 1099c on a credit card from almost a decade ago and am looking to see how I can fight this.  Any advice/suggestions would be appreicated.  Thanks!

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