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2 dispute questions

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2 dispute questions

First question involves TU...I have 4 student loan lates from April-July 2010. They have all fallen off EQ and EX. Seems as though they are still on TU. for some reason the past week iI cant view online so i had to call to dispute and the rep told me they have to stay on the report until fully payed. I think i got an overseas call center BTW. Pretty sure thats not how it works. Should i wait another month or so? Conact Navient do any good? Maybe disputing through CCT or CK?


2nd question involves Equifax.. my dispute didnt work. I'm intrigued as to what i'm late for. It's a child support account. Should i contact the local agency or the state agency to see if whatever this is, can be a legit reason for it to show on my credit report and why did it just all a sudden pop 11 years later.. I feel like they are gonna give me the basic you owed it. It should be on there etc

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Re: 2 dispute questions

Question 1

It depends upon whether the student loan is a federally insured or guarenteed loan.

Federal student loans have extended exclusion periods for delinquencies past the normal 7 year exclusion period as long as the debt remains delinquent.

The extended periods were implemented under the separate provisions of the Higher Education Act, so you cannot rely solely upon the 7 year exclusion period under the FCRA.

Additionally, the Higher Education Act mandates reporting of delinquencies, so good-will deletions are usually summarily denied.


Question 2

The CRA is required to include delinquent child support information if furnished to them by a government AND if the delinquency is 7 years or less.

That means that good will deletion wont happen.

See FCRA 622.

If the delinquency is 11 years ago, there is no reporting requirement, and the normal exclusion period of 7 years from date of delinquency would apply.

I would dispute unless the reported delinquency is less than 7 years.



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