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2 week old cloc shows 4+ years of history?

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Re: 2 week old cloc shows 4+ years of history?

@AllZero wrote:

Navy also does welcome calls to new members too. Their personal CLOC caps at 15k I think and rates of 13.9% to 17.9%. I'm not sure on the business side.


I'm glad PNC is treating you well. It sounds like you are getting good customer service, especially with the 66k. I'm sure all others pale in comparison. If I had the same credit line, I know where my business would be directed.

500 @ 13.9 is what I got.  folks say it will grow if I use it.  the biz side of nfcu is semi awful, tons of paperwork to get locs.  like dealing with a different company.  honeymoon phase with pnc, I am sure there is -/+ as there is with them all, but so far so good.  just did my 1st major bill pay and it went off well.  they pay overnight for ach and then the loc processes the following the negative bal.  the site is very plain and simple, works for me.  nicks for billers, even amazon cannot get that right.  I have over 50 client cards on my prime account, a nickname would be more than helpful lol.  they have some sort of income scale they use for the sl's on the loc's, not sure of the math but one of my friends got 4x what I did, real estate investor / doctor, etc.  off a flipping soft pull

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