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2016 has been a great year

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2016 has been a great year

It's been 14 months since my bankruptcy from 2005 fell off my credit report. A year and a half prior, I signed up for the secure Capital One and a Credit Union credit card. Used them frequently for a year and the month after my 10 year anniversary I was shopping at JCPENNEY when I was solicited for their card. I figured what the hell. Let's see what happens. I was ecstatic to find that I was approved, even for a store card. Fast forward to March, I apped for Freedom. Got it. Week later apped for Discover It and Capital One Quick Silver the same night. Pending, called both numbers and approved. Then in April, applied for the Blue Cash Preferred and approved. Early May, applied for Citi Double Cash and approved. I figure that I am pressing my luck so I cool off a bit. In September, I go into my credit union and refinance my car on a whim. Able to go from 6.71 to 2.19 Apr. Great news! They offered me a deal to get a credit card to save half percent and it goes on the same inquiry. I go for it.

Fast forward to October, I'm shopping on Amazon and see the Chase Visa and apply and get approval. At this point, I'm done for the year but going into Costco and renewing my membership and I app for the Citi Anywhere Visa online that day and approved. I'm thrilled.

Rejections for the year were the CSP one month after apping for the Freedom, the Venture, and Freedom Unlimited. Equifax has been hit the hardest, Transunion the least, and Experian a little more than Transunion. Transunion is my highest score but seems to be looked at the least by the CC institutions and banks. At this point, the Quicksilver and Amazon Visa get the least use and I am done Appling for at least 1.5 years so I can wait to be < 5/24 so that I can get the CSR with Chase.

The ironic thing is that I wouldn't be approved for anything other than a Cap One platinum or similar card now due to the inquiries.
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