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240 Dollars Is 240 Dollars BooYah

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240 Dollars Is 240 Dollars BooYah

I decided to use my offer received in June for credit.coms new Extracredit (28 Fico scores and downloadeable Ex,Trans,Eq reports) beta which stated Regular price 24.99 per year when officially released but 5.00 for 12 months for the beta.


I already get Fico scores updated at the end of the month so I decided if I go for this service I would get an update of scores every 2 weeks if I join in the middle of the month.


So I clicked the link for the 5.00 per month but it came up 24.99 so I said wait-a-minute nope not going to do this link must not be working.


I emailed support and explained my problem and the response I received was Promotion had ended and 24.99 was now the going rate.


My response back was like Wait-a-minute nothing on the offer stated an ending date  (I might have made a move sooner if there was an ending date and it was reasonably some time away from my monthly scores I already get).


So in response to the nothing on the offer stated an ending date  and you guys should honor the beta rate because you didn't provide an ending date you just said it's the promo rate before the official release in the summer.


Then I got an email request for the beta offer letter I received which I uploaded and sent.


Received an email from the rep that said the bosses agreed and would charge me 5 dollars for 12 months if I still wanted the service.


All this was quickly handled within a 24 hr period thanks to great customer service.


Soooo I ended up saving 240 dollars because the 24.99 a month is 300.00 a year and my beta rate is 5 dollars a month which is 60 dollars for the year.


Savings of 240 dollars which is 240 dollars




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