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$25 collection - medical


$25 collection - medical

I got a medical collection for a missed appointment. Called to pay it and they want a $5 processing fee, no email or statement that they will remove it, just an update they it's paid in full. 

I want to get this deleted, anyone have experience in this?


Equifax is the only one reporting this.







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Re: $25 collection - medical

It will be removed in 3.5 years. 

If your efforts to get it removed do not yield favorable results, pay it so it can stop updating. 

Once it's paid to $0.00, Fico 8 will ignore it for scoring purposes due to it being a *nuisance* collection (medical, under $100.00). 


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Re: $25 collection - medical

And find a new Gastroenterologist, a $25 collection for a missed appointment is complete B.S. 

I'm the kind of person who is stubborn enough I would fight it. 'Missed appointment' you say? What proof do you have that I ever made that appointment? I think your clerk made an error, I was out of town that day. 

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