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30 day late forgiveness request - Discover?

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30 day late forgiveness request - Discover?

Hello all,


I have been perfect on my payments across credit cards (13), loans, etc.  I recently went on vacation and missed my discover payment!  Completely my fault and I paid it 2 days after the 30 day mark once I saw.  I got a FICO alert that I was late on a payment (this one) and my score dropped obviously.


Has anyone had luck getting Discover to forgive the 30 day late and remove it?  My history with them has been perfect up to this point.  Whats the best way to ask?  Call?  Mail?


Thanks for any suggestions.

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Re: 30 day late forgiveness request - Discover?

Is this the first instance as a 30-day late reported on your CRs from Discover? 


You can try reaching out to them via phone and see whether they are willing to remove the late payment reporting as a gesture of goodwill and explain the situation.  Worse case scenario is they say no and it remains on your CRs for 7 years, but what I recommend is perhaps setting up the auto-pay feature on your account(s) to avoid a situation like this from reoccuring.

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