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50+ point spread across 3 bureaus?!?

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Re: 50+ point spread across 3 bureaus?!?

I really don't understand why the Experian scores are sooooo much lower (almost 100 pts in my case), that Trans and Equi. I applied for a frequent flyer CC and was denied based on the EXP rating. Granted, my scores aren't stellar; Trans- 688, Equi- 670 and EXP- 579... how is that even possible? I'm going straight to the EXP report, there has to be problems with it. This whole credit dance is extremely exausting, i'm really about to give up...completely.  All I have is student loan debt and a Walmart card, both of which are always paid on time and kept at a low debt to credit ratio.


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Re: 50+ point spread across 3 bureaus?!?

Since you were denied for credit, you are entitled to pull your report for free.  l would pull it and see what's on there that's holding it back.  

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