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A Restaurant Charge Dissapeared

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Re: A Restaurant Charge Dissapeared

@Anonymous wrote:
I agree I am waiting it out simply because I dont want the headache of calling in to report the issue and ending up having to dispute a double charge if by Wednesday the charge has not posted I will contact the restaurant and explain the situation as I used a service and feel obligated to pay for that service. It has become a thorn in my side as my statement cut is approaching and having a charge suddenly post and report before a payment can process will aggravate my OCD lol. This hiccup has made me leery to pay for their services with credit next time. I may from this point forward pay via debit transactions.

I would be careful of the debit.   I once paid for a hotel room with my debit card, first there was the standard preauth for incidentals, which dropped off as it sould, then there was the actual authroziation for my bill, I saw it and didn't think about it again.  A couple of months later I see this charge come through again.       When I went back and reviewed statements I found that the authorization I saw never cleared my account , so when the hotel realized they hadn't been paid they charged me again.  btw I get a daily email with all my account activity I reviewed it and the auth was there oneday and nothing the next.   I should have been paying attention when that happened at first. 

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Re: A Restaurant Charge Dissapeared

I could understand being cautious using debit for a large purchase such as a hotel stay. I personally would use a CC for that but for a restaurant I only visit 1-2 times a month and spend $50-$80 I'm not worried because it wont impact my credit scores if a charge shows up unexpectedly.
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