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Absolutely and utterly SHOCKED!!!!!

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Re: Absolutely and utterly SHOCKED!!!!!

I my, you are so blessed!!
Keep doing what your doing, because you are hot. Thank you for the encouragement. Just like someone else said, it feels good when you get approve for credit, it makes you feel worthy all over again.
You know, even though it's been hard, I would do it all over again just to get the feeling of being high on rebuilding my credit. No bad feelings either, I glad I learned now then when I get too old.
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Re: Absolutely and utterly SHOCKED!!!!!

I'm so happy for you!  It feels great doesn't it!  Use it wisely and don't let that hubby of yours get his hands on it.  Maybe you'll find some new found freedom to show him the door! One less albatross around your neck.
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