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Abusive Phone Calls

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Re: Abusive Phone Calls

I know that I can use this info.  Thank you so much!
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Re: Abusive Phone Calls

Good post Noah.
I have only one CA bothering me on an out of SOL account. Numerous phone calls that I did not answer. Finally received a letter from them. DV'd them and stated in my DV that any future contacts should be by mail only and that if they did call me they are on notice that any telcons would be recorded.
In my mind, FWIW, I have stated that the telcons are being recorded.
Since my letter to them they have not tried contacting me by phone.
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Re: Abusive Phone Calls

Question about this topic . I recently called up ( what I thought was an attorney group) to try and settle a debt , they agreed and sent me a settlement letter ( which for some reason took 10 days past the postmark to get to me , I live in New York , collection company is in PA ..) , When I finally got the letter  the ONLY dated information was for when the debt had to be paid..


So got a  call from the company ( which now is only known as a Professional Debt Collection Comp , not attorney ) , the collector asked me where the payment was , I told them I haven't got the letter yet , and want it for my records as proof  , he went on to tell me that was a load of crap , and I had no intention of paying this , and if not paid today he will pass it on to his legal ( told the guy that my calls are recorded from this phone , he didn't care) "Dept. , while this was going on my nosy 10 year old son kept asking me and was getting upset , what's going on , I finally said to my son , mind your own business , and the collector says " excuse me , were you talking to me , rudely , I said no I was talking to my son , The collector went on to say you should teach him not to be a dead beat like you ( as in me) , I went on to say to him that I called you and planned on paying my debt and could have disputed this account , he went on to say I will fax you letter and you can pay once I get it , went on to degrade me because , I don't know anyone with a fax machine , that I could get to.. He said I will here from you soon and hung up..


After reading over that I ask a couple questions:


1. I don't actually record calls , is there anything I could do to pursue this or is this not considered harassment.


2. Any Advice , this account is for a $500 balance so , not sure if it is worth it to pursue legal action?


Thank you in advance..

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