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Access to old credit information


Access to old credit information

Hello everyone!


I have a few questions for the folks in this forum, if I may; is there a way we can access old information that has been dropped from our credit reports? I had a few charge-offs/collection accounts removed from my credit report a many years ago due to aging. But, I know those accounts are still my responsibility to re-pay, even though they are no longer reported on my credit files.


The issue is, I'm not sure who to contact or who I even owe because I am not able to find any information on them. Collection efforts on those accounts have also stopped, many years ago. Do you all think the credit bureaus have a record of this or do they delete them? If I do contect my old creditors (the ones I know of), will they report the debt back on to my credit profile and, essentially, re-instating the statute of limitations for them to file litigation against me?


I'm applying for law enforcement and would like to go through the financial aspects of my background investigation hoping for a positive outcome. I am not the financially wreckless person I was 15 years ago. I know my credit report won't show these debts, but I know they'll somehow find out about them eventually. I have no idea how, but I know they will. 


Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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Re: Access to old credit information

Past debts are difficult to find once they have dropped from your report. Basically there has to be court records for a judgment/lien. Bankruptcy as well would have court records. Government agencies cannot use a bankruptcy as a reason to not hire you. Private companies can use that information in certain states. However that doesn't mean they will. I assume if you will be LE, it will likely be a government agency.

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