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Account reported closed but still open

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Account reported closed but still open

I have an Atlanta Postal Credit Union card that I reported lost/stolen last month, because I had an unauthorized transaction on there. Turns out it was a false alarm, it was just my parents who made the transaction on another card. However, this month I recieved a closed account alert from, Credit Karma, Wallet Hub, and Expieran. I'm not understand why the account is showing up closed on my credit report when it's still open and I'm using it? I just paid off my balance in full this month as well. Do I need to call the creditor and talk them and see if they can take it off my account? Or do I just need to dispute it with both Expeiran and Transunion? It also made my credit score lower as well. IMG_1952.PNG

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Re: Account reported closed but still open

You certainly CAN if you'd like... but you don't have to do anything.


Give it 30 days, and the problem should correct itself.  The account should reappear with correct history, but a different account number.


Good luck!

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