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Across the board!

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Across the board!

Good morning everyone! 


This post is in addition to a post I made 5 months ago located here ( about finally reaching 800. I'd like to report that today, only 5 short months later, I now have 800+ across the board on all 3 scores. Didn't take nearly as long as I  expected it to. Thanks again everyone!



EQ: 807 | TU: 823 | EX: 817
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Re: Across the board!

Well done, enjoy Smiley Happy

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- Rhonda Byrne

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Re: Across the board!

Congratulations! Hope,to join you there one day relatively soon!

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Re: Across the board!

What a thing of beauty!

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Re: Across the board!

Those are some  beautiful green, exceptional circles. Congratulations, DomL!!!!!

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