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Adding sister as an AU?

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Adding sister as an AU?

I was thinking of adding my sister as an authorized user to my Chase Marriott card. She has no credit history (no open credit cards) but she does have some medical bills that went to collection when her insurance did not cover it and trying to pay (she is 19)  I want to help her out since my credit history is great and always pay off my card. I want to add her as an AU but not give her the card. so my questions are

1. Is it even possible to add her as an AU to my account?

2. Would her collection affect me in any way?

3. Any other suggestions? 

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Re: Adding sister as an AU?

ask yourself. how can her collections affect you. of course not. and yes. you can add anyone as au. not just relative. in fico08 . it may or may not help her score.

she is only 19. when the medical bills happen. if before she was 18 then she is not responsible  and can get them removed from her report.

this would help her. maybe. to build a little. even if you gave her card. you could set the limit she charged. and you could also see what she charged on your statement. so no big deal to give her card if you trust her. example you could set at 200 dollars maximum spend on au card. so i would not hurt you. good luck.

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Re: Adding sister as an AU?

@jm1991 wrote:

Would her collection affect me in any way? 

No.  The account shows on on the AU's report with a notation that the person is an AU.  Nothing additional shows up on the original account holder's report.


@jm1991 wrote:

Any other suggestions? 

Accounts where one is an AU are disregarded by some scoring models and creditors.  It would help her much more to address her derogs (derogs have a much bigger impact) and the Rebuilding subforum is intended for such topics.

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