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Advice Needed! Account reaging?

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Advice Needed! Account reaging?

I'm at my wit's end with a credit reporting issue and I'm looking to the helpful people here for advice.  I have a charge off from University Federal Credit Union CC - date of first delinqunecy is August 1, 2009 - charge off was in October 2009. (I have an old Exuifax credit report showing these dates. ) This is still showing up on my Experian report so I called in and filed a dispute on this account reporting. This morning I just got the results of this dispute back and it shows this account status as "verified" and will remain on my report until Aug. 2019!  Not sure what my next steps should be - contact UFCU and ask for proof or these dates?  File a BBB complaint?  Apparently working with Experian was unsuccessful in getting this corrected.  This is a HUGE red mark on my report and it's making me sick (and stressed) that UFCU is not reporting this correctly and that it's only affecting this report.  I was able to dispute the accuracy on TU and EQ and they removed the item.  Any advice on my next steps would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Advice Needed! Account reaging?

If the DOFD is reporting correctly as 8/2009, then the exclusion date is no later than 2/2017 (i.e., 7 yrs plus 180 days from the DOFD).


There is thus no requirment to exclude until that time, and no violation on the part of the CRA until after 2/2017.

The statement that it will remain until 8/2019 is incorrect if the DOFD is 6/2009, however it is not yet at the point where there is any violation on the part of the CRA.

However, if they have stated that they are not going to exclude when the required statutory date arrives, you can bring that erroneous statement to the attention of the CFPB, who has authority over administration of the FCRA.  Send a formal complaint to the CFPB, requesting they instruct the CRA to correct its anticipated exclusion date to be within the required limits of FCRA 605(c).

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